My Story

Coach Jeff Madden has 30+ years of experience as a strength and conditioning professional. Coach Madden was a high school All-American and an All-Star Football Player at Vanderbilt University before playing professional football. Coach Madden has had a very successful career while coaching at great institutions: University of North Carolina; Colorado; Cincinnati; Rice University; and now the University of Texas. Coach Madden has held the position of either Assistant or Associate Athletics Director for over 23 years. Coach Madden has been blessed to coach over 30,000 athletes, a few hundred who have gone on to be Olympians, as well as NFL and NBA professional athletes. Coach Madden's All-Sports Teams have won 14 National Championships.

Coach Madden is a certified Speed-Explosion Expert by the National Association of Speed and Explosion, is Masters Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association, and is a CSCCa Board of Directors Member.

Jeff and Brenda Madden have two sons, Brandon and Bryan.

Players Coach Thanksgiving Dinner at MADDOG's

Players Coach Thanksgiving Dinner at MADDOG's

My family

My wife and I with our son's; Brandon and Bryan. 

My beautiful wife, grand-daughter, and oldest son.

My beautiful wife, grand-daughter, and oldest son.

Jeff Madden,   President of the CSCCa

Jeff Madden, President of the CSCCa


Creating Greatness through Manifestation. The Passion of Life to Create a Great Experience, while living in a positive light for all of lives great Opportunities!


Maddog's Explosive Power Training Theory Consists of: Physical Assessments, Conjugate Training Principles, Mind Coaching (Counseling), Pre Hab /Core Training /Balance/Coordination, Flexibility  (Dynamic, Proprioceptive, Static, Ballistic), Speed Coaching (Resisted,Overspeed,Stride Rate,Frequency), Plyometrics (Linear ,Vertical,Lateral Multi-Planer), Position Specific Drills, Game Simulation Drills, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Intensity, Metabolic Training, Hybrid Training, Escalating Density Training Theory -Charles Staley, Conjugate Principles, HLM Principle, TABATA Principles, Interval Timing, Time Under Tension, Complexes - Combos, Heart Rate Training, Bands, Chains, Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Bilateral Training, and Optimal Athletic Performance.